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Ebro Real Estate Tortosa s.l. as a service provider is not obligated to monitor transmitted or stored information, or to investigate circumstances that indicate possible illegal activity. Upon notification of such violation and the necessary prove of such violation, we will remove the content immediately.

Old content, because of possible changes, we ask you to use with care. Much of old data associated with statements of third parties cannot always be verified accurately. So if you need absolute accuracy, we ask you just to inquire by e-mail.

About links:

If this Web site contains links to third parties, we trust its accuracy, but cannot accept any responsibility in the case they are harmful to you, especially when those links are linked to 3rd party sites. Upon notification of problems, we will consider to remove these links immediately.

Privacy Policy:

If you enter personal data when registering, such as name, telephone and email address, you can be assured that we will never share this information with third parties. But, full protection cannot be granted nowadays, since the data can be intercepted during transmission over the Internet. We will not be responsible under any circumstances.


All web content (text, data and photos) are subject to a precautionary copyright of this website and thus the author Gerard A. Tomann, as the administrator. Copies may be made only after consultation with the author and his permission. The make of this content is tedious and also the edition in this web site for publishing is not less labor intensive. Therefore, you surely understand our position that all offenses are punishable.